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Who We Are

KAYPRO(ISO CERTIFIED 9001:2015) is provider of IT solutions since 1991 with deep focus on technology, consulting services. KAYPRO engaged in programming, IT Consulting, Business process management and relative activities. It includes the solution to Enterprises, Hospitals, factories and other industries.

KAYPRO focused on Cost effect & advanced techonology solutions that can fit to customer requirement & improve productivity & easy to use solutions. And the company has expanded its line of business to cyber-security services with technology.

We have team of expert who has the sufficient knowledge to understand customer requirements and fulfill them with best possible solutions. We have been mastering to provide best suitable and advanced solution, user friendly and customer oriented solutions.

Our development team provides customized solutions to include specific business requirements to existing solutions. We have experience backed up by completing number of commercial projects related to different business sectors. We provide value to our customers by offering several benefits to them including speed to market and expertise in technology.

Our major deriving force includes the quality and timely support we provide. we have been providing the full range of IT services includes Software development , web application , web hosting , server solutions , backup & network solutions , database design & optimization , windows , Linux , android & ios.

We also provide system management, In system management easily manages and support of all your company device in office and in any remote location, and Multilayer protection for your companies emails against all types of malware and spam.

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